About GardenHouse

Anita is the owner of Gardenhouse, a floral design studio and gift shop that has been in the heart of Hamden for over forty years.  


Upon walking into the shop, people often comment on how relaxed and comfortable they feel, almost as if they were at home. The friendly and family-like vibe ensures confidence in everything from our daily deliveries and fresh cuts to special events for all occasions.   


Anita has always felt at home where she can create art with the natural world.  She is known for her unique sense of style, which is hightlighted in all of her work, and supported by the multitude of awards she has been honored to receive through out her creative journey.  Instead of being trendy, Anita  has always been a trendsetter, the true definition of innovative, and is known for her keen eye for aesthetics.  


Gardenhouse specializes in garden-style wedding and event floral design and takes pride in ensuring utmost quality while simultaneously turning an idea into a real life dream.